Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh no...

No.  This is not okay.  Who watches Scooby Doo?  I don't, but I am right now.  I am absolutely horrified right now, too.  I was kind of just looking off into space wondering what I was going to write about then I look up and Daphne's got on panty shorts.  What the fuck?  She couldn't have one some jeans or long johns?  She had to do the panty shorts, huh?  This show is for children, I don't care if it's not for young children, they still watch it and love it.  But Daphne's skinny ass couldn't put on some overalls or something.  We've got naked ass Daphne prancing around being scared and never really helping.  Even Shaggy's improperly named ass does more than she does and he's high all the time.  I don't know guys.  Now little girls are going to be walking around in panty a!  I thank Daphne for giving me something to rant about but she needs to cover her ass. 

So...panty shorts.  My first rant.  Felt good.  But ladies, please don't wear panty shorts. Its not even attractive on a purposely attractive cartoon.  Just don't do it.  Please.  Well, unless its behind closed doors.  That can work. your husband or wife's office.  Or maybe to make eggs.  But other than that, no.  Not outside.  Okay, that's it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Long time, no see...

It has been a long time since I came on to write.  In the time that I was away, I was struggling over my first Juvenile fiction title.  I am finally done with that and now I am trying to move on to something else before I put out the second book to the series. 

It was quite a journey, writing juvenile fiction.  I learned to write without cussing and I learned to really personalize my characters.  I had fun, but it was the first time I could not simply zone out at my keyboard.  I wrote the book for my little sisters, who have been mentioned here a few times. They asked for it and I got it done.  It feels nice to be appreciated so much.  They got to see my writing process and learned about how long it takes for me to churn out a small book, and I learned that some things hold challenges that one cannot forsee.

I am back on track with my writing though.  I have put out another title, shown my face on Twitter again and here I am to blog.  I will write again soon with a good topic for all of my readers.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Finally got it...

I finally have the perfect idea for my next novel, and hopefully my debut novel in print.  I sat all day today watching Stephen King flicks and came up with something I don't think has ever been done.  I have to be careful, though, and not get too excited because it takes away from my writing when I rush through a story.  I am not sure how long it will take me to write this one since my outline already has 20 chapters laid out and I am not through with it yet.  But I beg of you guys to give me some time and read my newest title when it comes out.  I promise, this one is the one.

Along with that, I am still looking for a mentor and/or some good feedback.  I appreciate those who rated my books.  It let me know how they are seen through others eyes.  I am happy to say that two readers voted Voluntarily Admitted four out of five stars, and one voted it three.  I am also happy that they left comments for me.  This whole writing journey has taught me a lot.  In fact, I am an English major and my story writing and feedback has taught me more than college so far.  I am hoping my education will catch up and I will soon be up there with the best sellers.  I definitely won't be giving up any time soon.

Again, thank you all.  I am searching for a mentor but it seems as if I am learning everything I need to know by self publishing and going to school.  This next one is for you guys.  I hope, when it comes out, that you will all enjoy it.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Its been a while...

At one point in time I blogged every day.  I have no idea what happened to that, but I still care and I am here writing for you, my readers.  I have been doing a lot of writing recently.  I came out with a short story and a novel in less than a month.  My novel, while short, was a big milestone for me.  It showed me that I can actually write a novel.  I am now backing away from the short stories for a while and I will be working on coming out with bigger and better novels.

Along with writing, I have been doing some thinking.  I came up with an invention idea that I have decided to put on the back burner for now and I have come to a decision about transferring from online school to a campus.  I'm not going to do it.  I can see now, that online school is actually helping me by giving me the time to sit and write.  I wanted to switch from English to Physics as my major and I have rethought that one, too.  I love physics, but I hate math.  I have decided to use my ability to see things in my mind (sorry for the horrible description) to continue learning about the world around me and maybe one day someone will take me in and help me with the side of physics I know nothing about.

Speaking of someone taking me in; I have been trying to find a mentor.  I need someone to teach me things about the writing world.  Yes, I am an English major but that does not necessarily mean I am going to be the best writer I can be once I graduate.  I majored in English to fill holes in my skills and relearn how to write.  The only problem is that college doesn't teach everything.  Only enough so that I can be ready to be the best writer I can be. 

It is difficult for me to learn all I can about the writing world because I am not surrounded by writers, nor do I know any personally, except my father who remains unpublished because he refuses to try.  Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to find a mentor?  I am lost, but I am determined to get my writing career on the right track. 

Thank you all for reading this, I guess it is more of a journal entry than anything else, but I do appreciate all who take the time to scan through my blubbering. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The volcano is at rest.
I wonder if it will ever erupt.
It plays with the emotions of the people;
then nothing.
Silence where there was noise.
Blackness where there was once static.
One day the unsettling heat will rise,
the people will pay it no mind,
the volcano will spurt with threatening menace,
the people will act as if they don't see.
The volcano will explode,
ooze hot, acid like lava down its walls.
The people will perish.
Survivors will tell stories.
The volcano will again be at rest.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It has been a while...

It has been a long while since I posted some poetry.  So here I go, off the top of my head.
In the dark
I find my way
and afraid
The road is long and
under my feet
lay glass and debris
I trudge on
No sound but my own breathing
nothing to see
I cannot find a thing to hold on to
but I trudge on
the smell of salt accosts my nose
I can taste it, too
for sweat rolls down my face to my lips
I trudge on
I do not know how long I must walk
I cannot see the end
but I know it is there
I trudge on

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beginning stages...

I have been quite lazy recently when it comes to blogging, but I promise I have a reason.  I am working on my first novel and it has literally been draining me of all motivation to do anything else.  I am about halfway through the draft at this point and I am excited and fearful at the same time.  I cannot think outside of my novel enough to come up with a suitable topic for my blog.  Any suggestions?  I like to answer unsolved physics questions if anyone has a particularly simple one (meaning without the math, I can see the answers in my head).  I am also pretty good at giving advice, or my opinion of certain situations.  I can write about almost anything so leave a comment with a question or a topic and I will do my best to have my response written out no longer than 24 hours later.  Thanks guys. 

Oh, and I am currently looking for a mentor.  Either a published author or someone who works in the physics department of a university.  I know I am asking for a lot, but hey, I've gotta do it right.